Hi folks, I am a collage artist in South Carolina.

This blog “Building Chinaberries” is about my journey to becoming a “real” artist; my mental journey concerning my artwork, and my business journey in the art world and online.

The mental journey is easier because I have absolute power over that, but it’s harder because it’s all plugged into that monumental insecurity that many of us have. It took quite a while for me to say “I am an artist” and, wow folks, it still feels strange and like a lie. Then stubborn rage wells up in me and I stamp my foot and think “YES! I AM an artist! Screw you people!” even though there are no people saying otherwise LOL.

The business part is easier because it’s not so emotional and there’s a ton of information out there about SEO, approaching galleries, pricing and all that, but it’s harder because it’s like playing Myst. Remember that game? Remember how they didn’t tell you anything, you had to figure it all out.

So that’s what my blog is all about, with occasional personal stuff thrown in.



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