Getting my stuff OUT THERE

A major part of “Building Chinaberries” is getting my art out there

One obstacle was getting decent photographs. I really sucked at it. This is very important for several reasons. One thing is that when a piece is sold – it’s gone forever. Do any of you have the feeling of loss too? Not like I have sold anything yet, still the idea is sad. Am I exaggerating when I say “heart breaking?”

Another reason, the business reason, is that the art must be presented professionally. A poor quality photo just doesn’t cut it. You need good images to send to galleries, to competitions, for the website etc… 

I was really in a bind about this. I was finally having enough work finished that it could be called a “body of work” but my own photos were dismal, seriously bad!  (You can see the difference in the Candy post.) The prices I was getting from photographers were ranging from $60 for 4 images to $600 for half a day. The $60 quote was the most reasonable, of course, but I still didn’t have $60. Did I say I haven’t sold anything yet? Yeah.

Then a miracle happened. My sister, Sheila Currivan, moved to my town. My sister is a photographer. She works for LifeTouch, a company that does school photos and such. She also works freelance as a baby photographer, Basket Babies PhotographyMy wonderful sister has been shooting all my art and doing a fantastic job. (You can see the difference in the Candy post. Sheila did that [the clear good one, not the horrid blurry one.]) So, yay! Problem solved. Thank you, Sheila, from the bottom of my heart.

The next step was to find ways and places to get my stuff out there. Next blog I will tell you all about researching the online galleries and why I chose Artmajeur.


About sharonpassmore

Hi. I am an artist living in Greenville, South Carolina. I am the Art moderator at Eratosphere, a forum of Ablemuse Review. I play with all sorts of art-forms, including digital design and fabric design, but nearest to my heart, at the moment, is collage. I like it best if the collage materials are not recognized from a distance and reveal themselves at close up, the way a painting can look realistic from a distance but on closer inspection, the freedom of brushstrokes becomes apparent. My materials are my brushstrokes. ​ I use anything I find in my collage that suits the purpose, beads, broken jewelry, wallpaper scraps etc... I always try to incorporate recycled packaging too. This is important to me, partly because of the environment, and partly because I get a little thrill out of recognizing the value of materials most people would discard as trash. Think of this next time you peel that wonderful foil seal off a new can of coffee. ​ I am inspired by many kinds of traditional arts and crafts. The cultural history of the world is just loaded with fabulous treasure, isn't it? I view the world of art and art history as a giant buffet and I want to sample a taste of everything. "Mmmmm that Wabi Sabi looks delicious! Gimme a little of that Horror Vacui! Check out those fantastic Molas!" I completely reject the idea that one artform is superior to another due to what is in fashion at the moment. Art is timeless. ​ If there's something I don't like too much, I try to keep in mind that I probably don't understand it, and that's a signal to me that I have something more to learn. There is always something more to learn. Thanks for visitng <3 Sharon Passmore
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