Who is Jon Snow’s mother?

OMG people! I haven’t posted in over 2 years – how embarrassing. You would not believe how Pearl looks now – more on her later.

What inspired me to post is my Game of Thrones theory about Jon Snow’s mother. I had my theory before reading up about it and I was very surprised to read so many people saying they believe Jon Snow is the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryan. And these theories all make sense and have good evidence. It is very possible that this is the right theory but…

When I first heard that George Martin asked the producers this question “Who is Jon Snow’s mother?” My first thought is “Who is the right age?” thinking that it must be someone currently in the show. Now as we all know, in show biz in the USA, mature women don’t deserve to breathe air, so, there are only a few regular characters that are old enough to be his mom. There are a whole slew of men of mature ages, but the women are all 19 and nude. Just sayin’.

Some of the women the right age are Olenna Tyrell, who is too old; Selyse Baratheon; and Cersei Lannister Baratheon.

Didn’t Cersei talk about her black-haired baby who died? And she said she never looked at him again.

And let’s not forget this!!

In case you can’t see that video – this is Robert Baratheon making a final will dictated to Eddard Stark and he says that Eddard shall “rule in my stead until my son, Jeofrey comes of age.”  BUT Eddard writes, “…to rule in my stead until my rightful heir comes of age.”

So before reading these other theories, I was sure that Jon was the child of Cersei and Robert Bratheon.

Another thing to consider is, if the Lyanna-Rhaegar theory is correct, Jon Snow is Daenerys’ nephewDon’t we want Dany and Jon to get together in the end? Aren’t they the Fire and Ice? (and no, I do not believe that Jon is really gone – get real) Even though incest is not unusual in GoT, it is usually the bad guys doing it.

So I want Jon  to be a Baratheon, to live and get with Daenerys – it’s not too much to ask is it? Who could dispute their right to rule?


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