SkyDrop Sky Box

Good morning,

This morning I finally got my “SkyDrop Sky Box” up for sale on the SecondLife Marketplace. For those that are unfamiliar with SecondLife, it’s a virtual world. This sky box is virtual, sky boxes can’t really defy gravity. (Don’t I wish)

It wasn’t too difficult to build this. This is a version of my own home in SL.

It differs from my own home because I do not have pillars, my pillars are bookcases. My bookcases function even! What that means is – if you click one you get a menu of the notecards (like a notepad document) and books inside (some are objects that open and the pages flip), and you can select and be sent these items.

Another difference is the windows in the lower level. In mine they are texture change but they just cycle through as you click. You click till the one you want comes up. I couldn’t sell it this way . In this version for sale there is a menu. That’s more professional and it also protects the textures. Many of the textures were from builder’s packs and had full permissions for building. But you can’t just give those out to people. It’s in most license agreements that these are for building not distributing. With a menu, the window has the needed information but the new skybox owner can’t get at them. I added texture change menus to the main floor floor and the dome too, so that’s different than my personal SkyDrop.

My home does not have the hanging ivy nor the giant finial on the bottom.

Still, all of this was pretty simple to build. The main headache was packaging the dang thing. That took twice as long, using this nifty but scary system called the “Builder’s Buddy” What this thing does is, you rez the box (that means pull it out of your inventory into the world) and you click it. You get a menu and one button says “build” and it puts all the elements in the right place in relation to each other, all lined up. Then, if you need to move the building around at all, you just move this Builder’s Buddy rez box and the whole shebang follows, staying all lined up the whole time.  When you are done you can delete the box.

Anyways, dealing with scripts is hard for me and that’s why it took longer to package up than to build. There were the texture scripts and the Builder’s Buddy scripts. So I am very happy today, that it’s all done and for sale finally.


About sharonpassmore

Hi. I am an artist living in Greenville, South Carolina. I am the Art moderator at Eratosphere, a forum of Ablemuse Review. I play with all sorts of art-forms, including digital design and fabric design, but nearest to my heart, at the moment, is collage. I like it best if the collage materials are not recognized from a distance and reveal themselves at close up, the way a painting can look realistic from a distance but on closer inspection, the freedom of brushstrokes becomes apparent. My materials are my brushstrokes. ​ I use anything I find in my collage that suits the purpose, beads, broken jewelry, wallpaper scraps etc... I always try to incorporate recycled packaging too. This is important to me, partly because of the environment, and partly because I get a little thrill out of recognizing the value of materials most people would discard as trash. Think of this next time you peel that wonderful foil seal off a new can of coffee. ​ I am inspired by many kinds of traditional arts and crafts. The cultural history of the world is just loaded with fabulous treasure, isn't it? I view the world of art and art history as a giant buffet and I want to sample a taste of everything. "Mmmmm that Wabi Sabi looks delicious! Gimme a little of that Horror Vacui! Check out those fantastic Molas!" I completely reject the idea that one artform is superior to another due to what is in fashion at the moment. Art is timeless. ​ If there's something I don't like too much, I try to keep in mind that I probably don't understand it, and that's a signal to me that I have something more to learn. There is always something more to learn. Thanks for visitng <3 Sharon Passmore
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