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Well, what does it take to build a business? A business plan? I am not really sure what a business plan is, add that to the list of stuff I have to learn. I have always had the impression that a business plan contains projected earnings. That seems impossible backwards to me, but I guess folks that have these plans and successful businesses might know what they are doing. How would a person come up with that figure? I am sure these numbers are not out of thin air. Is it the amount of money I would need? That doesn’t seem logical either. I could say, “Well, I need 4 billion dollars, OK that’s my plan”. It doesn’t mean it will happen. Ok, so does it have something to do with market research? If so, what research? Is it like comps that they use in real estate? What would you compare? For example, with beverages, there’s a vast range of profits between Coca Cola and a lemonade stand. Oh well, another thing on my study list.

I spend a huge amount of time trying to educate myself. Firstly about art and antiques. I watch anything on TV I can find about these things, all the appraisal shows, Antiques Roadshow! yeah! I feel like I don’t know a thing compared to professionals in the field, but I keep learning. The more I learn, the more confidence I have when I’m out buying at the yard sales. Ya know…..when I imagine my perfect, ideal life…..hitting the yard sales is part of it. It’s a real joy to be out early in the morning, alone in the car, enjoying the country roads. If I find some great treasures – that’s true bliss.

There’s also so much to learn about marketing. Search Engine Optimization gives me a big old headache. One reason is, I see folks advertising to me about their services. Well I am a stubborn person. If they can do it, I can do it. Why should I pay for something I can figure out myself online. We have the most spectacular library of all time in the internet, the sum of all human knowledge. Geez, Funk and Wagnall would wet their pants! Well, that’s all good in theory, but when scrolling pages and pages of only partially understood information it’s a whole different thing.

Then there’s advertising. Advertising is difficult on a few fronts. there’s all the stuff I need to learn but there’s also the problem that advertising usually costs money. Well I have the ancient Italian dilemma “Mi Funzalo”  So far my focus has been on cross promotions, social media, getting my links in anywhere I can. Well there’s a lot to learn about those methods too.

Is that a lot to learn? Is that enough? Well there are  always things to learn about file formats, my graphics programs (trying to learn Blender, wish me luck), bookkeeping 😦 , merchandising… For example, is there a time of day or day of the week on eBay where the most people are shopping? How far ahead should I start selling seasonal items? When is it too late to sell them?

There is so much to learn.

Here’s my product ad for the day:


About sharonpassmore

Hi. I am an artist living in Greenville, South Carolina. I am the Art moderator at Eratosphere, a forum of Ablemuse Review. I play with all sorts of art-forms, including digital design and fabric design, but nearest to my heart, at the moment, is collage. I like it best if the collage materials are not recognized from a distance and reveal themselves at close up, the way a painting can look realistic from a distance but on closer inspection, the freedom of brushstrokes becomes apparent. My materials are my brushstrokes. ​ I use anything I find in my collage that suits the purpose, beads, broken jewelry, wallpaper scraps etc... I always try to incorporate recycled packaging too. This is important to me, partly because of the environment, and partly because I get a little thrill out of recognizing the value of materials most people would discard as trash. Think of this next time you peel that wonderful foil seal off a new can of coffee. ​ I am inspired by many kinds of traditional arts and crafts. The cultural history of the world is just loaded with fabulous treasure, isn't it? I view the world of art and art history as a giant buffet and I want to sample a taste of everything. "Mmmmm that Wabi Sabi looks delicious! Gimme a little of that Horror Vacui! Check out those fantastic Molas!" I completely reject the idea that one artform is superior to another due to what is in fashion at the moment. Art is timeless. ​ If there's something I don't like too much, I try to keep in mind that I probably don't understand it, and that's a signal to me that I have something more to learn. There is always something more to learn. Thanks for visitng <3 Sharon Passmore
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