Day 6 – Limon CO to Topeka KS

First a correction. That cool store in the rockies is not “The WOW Factor” its “The WOW Effect” and it’s in Cameo CO.

Well, Kansas is FLAT FLAT FLAT. We saw farms. We also saw a gimungous wind farm, that was cool. We also saw some oil well pump thingies. I got to thinking, if I owned an oil well pump like that, I’d try to make it look cool, like an animal or something, like those novelty plastic birds that bob up and down drinking water maybe.

One good thing is that we made good time driving, set the cruise control to the speed limit and actually did make 70 miles in an hour.

Another good thing is the people are so friendly and nice. They have these “travel centers” along the highway which are big stores with gas stations – well what you might find along highways anywhere but better. First of all they are bigger and have more stuff you might need. They also have more choices in food right in one building. (We got Baskin Robbins caramel and praline cheesecake ice cream cones, Yum)They also have an impressive variety of healthy snacks – fruit, string cheese, tons of granola bars etc.. and the folks working there were as friendly as could be, and not in a fakey “talking to a customer” kinda way, more like “someone’s visiting” kinda way.

So we were cruising along rocking to our CDs – BB King, Bonnie Raitt, Patsy Cline, Joni Mitchell, Glen Miller, Beach Boys and singing along – especially when the Beach Boys sing “Surfing USA” and get to the line “all over La Jolla” and we were getting closer and closer to Topeka – 30 miles – 20 miles – 10 miles and it’s still flat stretches of nothing but feilds, and I’m thinking “Can we possibly be 10 miles from the state capital?” Well I guess so.

Back a few days I posted a picture from Las Vegas showing our 4 generations. Well here’s another from Vegas showing baby Liliana’s other 4 generations:

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