Day 5 – Green River UT to Limon CO

Yesterday we drove through the Rockies! Colorado is breathtakingly beautiful. Colorado was the most beautiful state on our last car trip too, San Diego to Kansas City in 2007, and so far it’s been the most beautiful this time. This may have something to do with it being our first day with no rain though. The day was clear and sunny and the fall colors are starting to appear. The aspens have turned and decorate the mountainsides with beauty marks and swaths of yellow. They are especially beautiful if seen standing against a far mountain which in the distance looks purple. Some of the earth in these mountains is red, but sometimes, on closer inspection, it turns out to be brush that has turned to its russet fall colors.

The architecture in these parts is really nifty too. I think if you took the old west and Switzerland and shook it all up together you’d get this mountain man look. I couldn’t help imagining this area covered with snow and how these houses would look lit up with yellow windows in a blue twilight when you are making your way home, freezing your noogies off, your hands jammed down in your pockets, the smell of wood smoke coming from all the fireplaces. Each snow crunching step taking you closer to warmth. I have always loved the way yellow lit windows look when the world is blue. BUT, we did not pass this way in winter, we passed it in autumn and it was beautiful.

We stopped at a little store callled “the WOW Factor”. It was in the middle of nowhere alongside a gas station on route 70. This store is all cool household furnishings made of rough natural logs and stuff. Well I can’t find a link but when its daylight I will look for the guy’s business card. Well anyway, the item I would have bought right on the spot if I had the money was…a pool table!! Wow they were so nice, the tops all perfect of course, but the sides and legs were all that mountain man natural log look. That store is named correctly, for sure.

Well I suppose some of you are wondering how our pretty kitty, Speedy is doing. He is seeming to fully understand the routine now. Now, day before yesterday he found himself a tight place amongst the luggage and slept for the drive, so yesterday I made him a place in the back with his food, litterbox and I made a little hidey hole cave of luggage. Well, he was having none of that. It wasn’t tight enough. When we stopped for gas in the morning he had been on the floor at my feet. Mom went in the store and I took out some trash to a can in front of the car, and when I looked in the car I couldn’t find him!  Mom and I both circled the car peering in the windows Speedy! I KNEW he could not have gotten out! So then I started to unload the car! After taking out about 4 bags then we saw him! Under the back of the driver’s seat, inbetween the seat and a box. Do you have any idea how tight that is? Imagine the back seat floor of a car, small right? Now imagine there’s a box on this floor too. Now imagine a driver’s seat that has no “underneath” It goes all the way to the floor except for a little indent. Well we also had stuff on top of the box, one thing being a blanket. So that’s when I realized my luggage cave in the back just wouldn’t cut it for the Speedo. He wanted it tight around him. I think the turns of the car might make him feel uncomfortable and he want’s to feel held not like he’s slipping or something. So he found his own tight hidey hole and that’s where he slept all day. In the evenings he’s been in a great mood too. Yesterday, before the missing cat scare, he also took his first look out the window while we were rolling, paws on the window sill.  Up until then he’d been making a point of not looking, except when a huge semi passed us and he couldn’t help looking and flinching. I am very happy with how well he’s taking to the situation because, of course, there’s no other choice, we’re moving, he’s coming, that’s it.

This town of Limon is just a little way east of Denver and it’s on the flat prairie that we will be driving on till we pass Kansas I guess. Maybe we will make more miles on the flat. We have been trying for 450 miles a day. Even at that rate the 2400 something drive will take longer than I wish but, it is what it is. Limon seems to be just a small bunch of motels and stores on the freeway exit. We won’t have time to explore and see if there’s anything more to it than that. There’s a Denny’s, what more can you need?

See you tomorrow.

About sharonpassmore

Hi. I am an artist living in Greenville, South Carolina. I am the Art moderator at Eratosphere, a forum of Ablemuse Review. I play with all sorts of art-forms, including digital design and fabric design, but nearest to my heart, at the moment, is collage. I like it best if the collage materials are not recognized from a distance and reveal themselves at close up, the way a painting can look realistic from a distance but on closer inspection, the freedom of brushstrokes becomes apparent. My materials are my brushstrokes. ​ I use anything I find in my collage that suits the purpose, beads, broken jewelry, wallpaper scraps etc... I always try to incorporate recycled packaging too. This is important to me, partly because of the environment, and partly because I get a little thrill out of recognizing the value of materials most people would discard as trash. Think of this next time you peel that wonderful foil seal off a new can of coffee. ​ I am inspired by many kinds of traditional arts and crafts. The cultural history of the world is just loaded with fabulous treasure, isn't it? I view the world of art and art history as a giant buffet and I want to sample a taste of everything. "Mmmmm that Wabi Sabi looks delicious! Gimme a little of that Horror Vacui! Check out those fantastic Molas!" I completely reject the idea that one artform is superior to another due to what is in fashion at the moment. Art is timeless. ​ If there's something I don't like too much, I try to keep in mind that I probably don't understand it, and that's a signal to me that I have something more to learn. There is always something more to learn. Thanks for visitng <3 Sharon Passmore
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  1. Sheila says:

    Smooooth sailing!


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