Day 2 – 4 we get to hold the baby!

Well there we were catching a few Z’s in the car or trying to anyway. It was around 7 Saturday morning. We drove back to that MacDonalds and got some breakfast and then started calling at Daniel’s house. Keep in mind, we hardly knew any of Nanci’s family yet so we really were not comfortable waking up the household in the night.

Well they are all wonderful people. It seems like the whole family got into high gear to take care of us. Nanci’s mom, Holly fixing us coffee, Daniel and Nanci getting Mom situated to go to sleep in their room, Nanci finding us a hotel online,  getting me hooked up to sleep on the sofa. I fell asleep so hard LOL. We woke up to a delicious lunch and Nanci’s Grandpa offering for us to stay there at the house. We would have too if it weren’t for the cat. I just didn’t want to keep him as cooped up as he would have had to be if we stayed there. I think that night in the car was really hard on Speedy and I just couldn’t make him stay shut in a bathroom for 2 days – the hotel room was way better.

Now to the best part – my beautiful new grand-daughter! Just 16 days old that day. I am in love! Beautiful Liliana! I spent a good part of the day holding her. A few times when Daniel came to take her I waved him off. LOL

We hung around ill we could go check into the Hotel Nanci found for us. We drove over to the hotel watching amazing streak lightning ahead of us. Some of it was about a mile away going by that 1 second between the lightning and the thunder =1 mile. I wondered what it was like when Las Vegas had a blackout.

After a nice shower Mom and I felt a zillion times better, don’t forget, we were grungy when we left San Diego. Also – forgot to mention in the previous post – on the drive from San Diego, while we were switching driving, Mom took a fall smack dab into the gutter. She’s fine, but let me tell you, those showers were WELCOME!

Saturday night we picked up the kids and had a fantastic Italian meal at the hotel  “Best Western Main St Inn”. It was the best Italian food I’ve ever had. We went back to the room and I’m ashamed to say that Mom and I fell right asleep. I felt bad about being so rude to the kids but they were very sweet about it. When I took the kids back home we drove for a little way down the Las Vegas strip. Our hotel was on the north end and they live down at the south end and then a bit west of that.

Sunday we were invited over for dinner at their house. I called a few times to see when to come over and Daniel said he would call us and let us know, I was secretly glad Mom and I could just chill in the hotel for the day. We put on TCM and watched old movies and slept and watched and slept for the whole day.

Later, we went and had a fantastic dinner and hung out in the backyard on the porch swing watching the planes that fly over Daniel’s house. It was a very nice relaxing evening. I love watching Daniel with Liliana. I am so proud of him, he’s awesome with her. I really like Nanci’s family.

Monday we checked out, drove over to say good-bye to everyone and cry a little, and headed out. Our next stop was Green River Utah, where I am right now writing this at 2AM.

Today was cloudy and moody looking and we saw some more streak lightning. Is this following us? We also saw two rainbows. This part of our drive was through some really spectacular terrain. I am amazed at how colorful earth can be!

Meanwhile Speedy is really taking to this travleing thing. He didn’t complain one bit all day today. He found himself a nice tight little hidey hole on the back  floor between some blankets and slept happily all day. My biggest fear is that he get away from us somewhere on the road and what would we do then? But he doesn’t seem bent on escape anymore. Even in the motel room this morning,  he saw we were packing up and he meowed and hid…..but the thing is – when we first got to that room he hid behind the  little fridge where it would have been very hard to get him out, now as we were getting ready to leave, he hid under the vanity, in plain sight basically. It’s as though he is liking the car trip but his pride won’t let him admit he likes it so he must go through the motions of protesting. I had no trouble puting his harness back on him. The first time it took 2 of us to do it. This time he sat on my lap very compliantly. Tonight, we got to the hotel room in Green River and he didn’t even hide at all. He walked around the room calm as you please. I’m glad it’s going so well – I was really afraid traveling with a pet would be horrendous.

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Hi. I am an artist living in Greenville, South Carolina. I am the Art moderator at Eratosphere, a forum of Ablemuse Review. I play with all sorts of art-forms, including digital design and fabric design, but nearest to my heart, at the moment, is collage. I like it best if the collage materials are not recognized from a distance and reveal themselves at close up, the way a painting can look realistic from a distance but on closer inspection, the freedom of brushstrokes becomes apparent. My materials are my brushstrokes. ​ I use anything I find in my collage that suits the purpose, beads, broken jewelry, wallpaper scraps etc... I always try to incorporate recycled packaging too. This is important to me, partly because of the environment, and partly because I get a little thrill out of recognizing the value of materials most people would discard as trash. Think of this next time you peel that wonderful foil seal off a new can of coffee. ​ I am inspired by many kinds of traditional arts and crafts. The cultural history of the world is just loaded with fabulous treasure, isn't it? I view the world of art and art history as a giant buffet and I want to sample a taste of everything. "Mmmmm that Wabi Sabi looks delicious! Gimme a little of that Horror Vacui! Check out those fantastic Molas!" I completely reject the idea that one artform is superior to another due to what is in fashion at the moment. Art is timeless. ​ If there's something I don't like too much, I try to keep in mind that I probably don't understand it, and that's a signal to me that I have something more to learn. There is always something more to learn. Thanks for visitng <3 Sharon Passmore
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2 Responses to Day 2 – 4 we get to hold the baby!

  1. Sis Bekedam says:

    What a fantastic photograph! You are all so cute!


  2. Sheila says:

    Nice visit…and you two really needed, and deserved!, the rest!


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